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By spraying a melted metal powder onto damaged shafts and worn seal journals, our experienced industrial machinists will machine your parts back to your specifications.

 Rubber coated rolls with shaft repairs and balanced.Rubber Roll Repair

Damaged Rubber Rolls? No problem, we repair them as well.  Your rubber roll will be re-coated and then dynamically balanced by our mechanics in our Rotary Shop.
Welding an on-stream leak repair box.

In-House Welding

From aluminum to cast iron steel, we weld in-house only to insure quality and to keep costs down.

Large Horizonal & Vertical Milling

Big or small, horizontal or vertical, you name it & our guys will mill it.

CNC Machining

Need precision? Our CNC machine is capable of handling any of your CNC needs up to 20" x 30".
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