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     UNIVERSAL RAI®-J air blowers incorporate the patented Whispair(TM) feature in addition to the same design features as the original URAI blowers. The URAI®-J include detachable mounting feet which permit vertical or horizontal installation.

     The units are center timed for rotation in either direction, However, to recieve the benefits from the Whispair feature the jet must be in the discharge side of the product.

     The URAI-DSL is splash lubricated on BOTH ends.

BOM # Avail Configs Frame Size Inlet/Disc Conn Shaft Dia. Bare Weight
T30417020 BL-BR-LB-LT-RB-RT-TL-TR 33 2" NPT 0.750" 87
T30418020 BL-BR-LB-LT-RB-RT-TL-TR 36 2.5" NPT 0.750" 115
T30410020 BL-BR-LB-LT-RB-RT-TL-TR 45 2.5" NPT 0.875" 122
T30412020 BL-BR-LB-LT-RB-RT-TL-TR 47 3" NPT 0.875" 141
T30415020 BL-BR-LB-LT-RB-RT-TL-TR 56 4" NPT 1.125" 185