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Large boring mills (vertical and horizontal), lathes and other equipment provide quality repair

Lamb’s is an authorized service center for Spencer centrifugal blowers. We are foremost in our field due to our skilled factory trained technicians, onsite balancing, vibration analysis, laser alignment and predictive maintenance. We also repair all brands of centrifugal blowers and positive displacement blowers.


service center

Factory trained technicians.

Our service center has a proven and widely respected reputation as having the most complete array of equipment and the best trained technicians in the rotating and blower services. Lamb’s has balancing equipment, computer controlled machinery, boring mills (vertical and horizontal), lapping machines and laser alignment equipment. We also provide predictive maintenance by vibration analysis.


service center

Howden Roots™ Positive Displacement Blower Authorized Dealer.  Howden has chosen us to be your distributor.

By being your Roots Howden distributor we must satisfy our responsibility to Roots Howden by selling the equipment to you at the very best prices. By keeping a current blower survey on file we can prepare for your needs. We will make an effort to keep in stock all the parts necessary to maintain your blower and replacement blowers to allow for minimum down time for you.

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Roots TM



Lamb’s Machine Works has the capability of repairing leaks on flanges, pipes and other fittings while your service stays online!! We fabricate our own leak enclosures and hardware. We are a member of the IS Networld.



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Lamb’s has the machining and skilled technicians to perform onsite services such as:


Laser Alignment

Flange Facing

Line Boring

Vibration Analysis

Keyway Cutting

Leak Repair

We are proud of the large number of blowers we keep in stock, striving to meet your needs.   Free shipping on new blowers up to 8".